Shakespeare Workshops for Primary Schools

Our shakespeare workshops for primary schools are aimed at KS1 and KS2. The session is designed to be an interactive workshop whereby the children are encouraged to use their imaginations.

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Bard Heads

Bard Heads takes an updated look at some well-loved characters from six of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and imagines what might have happened next.

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Naming The View

On a bench, gazing at the gob-smacking view from Cleeve Hill, Kate is unexpectedly joined by an irritating acquaintance from her past.  An awkward conversation slowly reveals why their hopes and dreams never matched their expectations.

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FINDING THE WILL teaching Year 4 about the play MacBeth at Christ Church Primary School

Shakespeare Workshops for Primary Schools & Special Schools

Our shakespeare workshops for schools are aimed at KS1 and KS2. The children require no prior knowledge of the play, in fact we actively encourage teachers not to reveal the story before we arrive. The session is designed to be an interactive workshop whereby the children are encouraged to use their imaginations.

Naming The View

Naming The View

NAMING THE VIEW is a modern day re-imagining of Katherine (The Taming Of The Shrew) after thirty years of marriage. Produced by FINDING THE WILL in association with the Everyman Theatre Cheltenham. The production was unanimously praised both for the central performances and the writing.

Bard Heads - Alternate take of Shakespeare's plays with a modern twist

Bard Heads

Bard Heads takes an up-dated look at some well-loved characters from six of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and imagines what might have happened next. Each 50 minute one man/woman show is full of laughter, tears and quite a few surprises. You will not need to know the parent play or even like Shakespeare to have a good night out!

Demystifying Shakespeare for Students of all Ages

FINDING THE WILL’s fervent desire is to show that the plays of Shakespeare are as accessible now as they were four hundred years ago. They are cracking stories full of passion, jealousy, betrayal, love, war and humour – as good as any Hollywood blockbuster movie today.

We demystify Shakespeare making it easy to understand, enjoyable, relevant and, above all else, fun! FINDING THE WILL offers shakespeare workshops for schools and adult groups designed to take the fear out of Shakespeare.

 “The legacy has continued in that all the Shakespeare books are permanently out of the library.”

Year 6 Teacher, Nursteed Community Primary, Devizes

“Truly inspirational stuff!! It’s been wonderful to see the impact on all children. Quiet nervous ones emerging from shells, behaviour challenges focused and able children extended. Please don’t go!”

Ampfield Primary, Hants

Shakespeare Workshops

At FINDING THE WILL the ‘end’ we work towards is one where all who take part leave with an understanding, not only of the characters, plots and themes of a particular play, but an awareness that Shakespeare is as relevant today as it always was. To reach that end, a journey of individual confidence building and creative teamwork is undertaken.

FINDING THE WILL believes there are no wrong answers only interesting ideas. The children are continually encouraged to let their imaginations take flight, to empathise with and to articulate complex dilemmas of each principal character. By the end of the story all that have taken part have gone on a journey far beyond the confines of the play.

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42 sleeps till Christmas!

After a quick tot up I discovered we have worked with just over 2000 children and young people during 2018.
FINDING THE WILL has pretty much broken up for Christmas now.Thank you to all of you who have worked with us to give two thousand children an opportunity to grow and blossom.I’ll leave you with this catchy little ditty entitled:

‘How many sleeps till Christmas?’

(Ear Worm Alert!)

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120 actors – what could possibly go wrong?

120 actors aged 9-11 learning ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream in three days – what could possibly go wrong?
There’s something magical about children making younger children laugh
A fairy falling in love with a half man, half donkey called Bottom is pretty funny!

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I Have Confidence In Shakespeare!

“I have confidence in Shakespeare, I have confidence in rain. I have confidence that spring will come again! Besides what you see I have confidence in me.” OK it’s not exactly what...
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New Term, New School Year, New Promotional Film!

Currently there’s a bit of a debate going on about the value of teaching the Arts in schools.
So to the Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds we say, think carefully.
Mr Hinds, I know you’re a busy man, but let’s talk!

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Five Stars for Oz in Canada!

‘Call Me Oz’ is currently wowing the Edmonton Fringe in Canada to the tune of Five Stars! Whilst I’ve been hanging around the office resting my poorly ankle (it’s well and...
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End of Term London Awards and Cornish Accolades

It’s the end of term, the season of awards and accolades, and I’m glad to report that, in London and Cornwall, FINDING THE WILL has given and received both!
“Saw Bard Heads at Trebah on Saturday night and it was absolutely brilliant. Totally absorbing from beginning to end”
I am feeling full of pride for my fellow actor, practitioner and dearest friend Richard Curnow.

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Macbeth curse? Don’t you believe it!

You’ve heard of the Macbeth curse right? “You must call it The Scottish Play, saying ‘Macbeth’ is bad luck” We say “Rubbish!” We’ve been constantly...
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Little Foxes Steal The Show!

The little Foxes (Fox Class aka Reception/Year 1) stole the show at Collingbourne Primary, Wiltshire last week. And original Shakespeare text spoken by 4 year olds completely dispels the myth that...
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