“All Hail Jules and Ange! Queens of St Mary’s!”

Sometimes, at the end of a workshop, we get thanked. Sometimes, we get a cheer. Rarely do we get a full on salutation of gratitude such as this! In fact, it only ever happens at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Hornchurch (and we love it!).

MACBETH at St Mary’s

For the third year in a row, FINDING THE WILL found itself in the delightful company of Year 6 at St Mary’s in Hornchurch. There are some schools that it is a true delight to visit and this is one of them. This year we were invited to kick off the second half of the Autumn term with Year 6 and MACBETH. Once again we were treated to some fantastic performances and some sumptuous food at the banquet! In all fairness, the King’s feast was a bit of meat-fest – Duck, Turkey, Pork, Chicken, Beef, oh and a bit of Lobster thrown in for good measure! It still didn’t stop him getting killed by the manipulated Macbeth though (apologies if that was a spoiler for anyone!).

This year, Macbeth was well and truly ‘manipulated’ by a seriously scheming Lady Macbeth. The look in her eye as she pretended to faint on hearing of the death of the King, and the furious rubbing of her hands as she slept-walked (with me doing the words) was terrific.

Mention must also go to the three awesome witches! Whether it was the Halloween effect or, as I suspect, their genuine delight at having licence to cackle, they were great!

With gusto, all 60 children greeted Kings Duncan, Macbeth and finally Malcolm with “All Hail……..King of Scotland!”. So you can imagine how thrilled Ange and I were to be afforded the same enthusiasm at the end of the morning. And then we received this amazing feedback from Mr Waskett:

All Hail Mr Waskett!

What pleases me most about this feedback is that it shows how FINDNG THE WILL can actually make the lives of teachers easier too! If we can capture the imaginations of the children at the start of a Shakespeare topic, the teaching is automatically more straightforward. There is a reference point. Mr Waskett encapsulated this in his feedback above. With every workshop, we provide a Teachers’ Pack. This contains a synopsis of the play, a list of the main characters, useful speeches and phrases and a selection of follow up drama and written activities. Our Interactive Workshops are the springboard to more exciting work once we’ve left.

A massive thank you to Mr Waskett for inviting us back again – we will keep everything crossed that we can return again same time next year!

That’s all folks!

And that’s it for now. I’ll be back once more before Christmas with news of what we’re up to in the new year plus the 2023 FINDING THE WILL CHRISTMAS CARD reveal! Contain yourselves now or there will be tears before bedtime…….

Toodle pip!


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