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What is Bard Heads?

Bard Heads takes an updated look at some well-loved characters from six of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and imagines what might have happened next. Each 50 minute one man/woman show is full of laughter, tears and quite a few surprises. Two shows make up one evening’s entertainment. You will not need to know the parent play or even like Shakespeare to have a good night out! Please note it is not suitable for children under 12.

Written and performed by Jules Hobbs and Richard Curnow.

The Whirligig of Time

The Whirligig Of Time - Bard Heads - Shakespeare - Finding The Will

To hell with anger management, Malvolio wants revenge! Malvolio from Twelfth Night is Chief Steward to Lady Olivia. He swears to take revenge on those he believes publicly humiliated him. He is true to his word and we slowly discover the extreme lengths to which his thirst for revenge takes him.  Watch the Video…

“Another brilliant show, absolutely wonderful performance”

Carn to Cove


The Dust Behind The Door

The dust Behind the Door - Shakespeare - Finding The Will - Bard Heads

A Midsummers’s Dream for Hermia? More like a mid-life crisis. Hernia from A Midsummer Night’s Dream – twenty five years on from the strange night in Athens Wood, Hermia is having a mid-life crisis in her kitchen. Lysander, Helena and Demetrius remain a huge part of her life but are they all still living the dream?  Watch the Video…

“It put the fun aspect back into traditional Shakespeare”

Theatre by the Lake, Keswic


Happy as Larry

Dog, Book And Scandal - Shakespeare - Bard Heads - Finding The Will

Friar Lawrence faces criticism over star-crossed lovers fiasco. It is a year since the tragic deaths of Romeo & Juliet and Friar Lawrence is questioning his faith whilst attempting to rebuild his life, but time is running out…

“Well written and deftly performed.”

Broadway Baby, Edinburgh


The Third Witch From The Left

The-Third-Witch-From-The-Left - Shakespeare - Finding The Will - Bard Heads

What’s done cannot be undone – or can it? Meg the witch seeks help. Follows the time travelling journey of one of the lesser known Weird Sisters. Now a successful cookery writer and astrologer can she ever forget that night on the Scottish heath and truly put the past behind her?  Watch the Video..

“A compelling and moving story beautifully written and performed”

Stage Talk Magazine


Call Me Oz

OMG CALL ME OZ - Shakespeare - Bard Heads - Finding The Will

Sweet Prince? Confirmed bachelor Osric lampoons Hamlet. In his youth Osric, a stylish and sensitive courtier at Elsinore Castle, witnessed Prince Hamlet and several other members of the Danish Royal family meet their untimely end. He’s not spoken about it for over 45 years, but after a session with his therapist he suddenly tells all.  Watch the Video…

“A tour de force performance, again beautifully written by the performer.”
Stage Talk Magazine

The Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s Speech - Finding The Will - Shakespeare - Bard Heads

Miranda’s revels now are ending, but island life looks such fun! Thirty five years after Miranda and her father Prospero left their island at the end of ‘The Tempest’, the Queen of Naples is about to make her Silver Jubilee Queen’s speech. However all is not as it seems, and neither is she……

“An entertaining and thought-provoking production. The writing and performance is excellently pitched in its wry humour”
Edinburgh Spotlight
Beard Heads - finding the will

Bard Heads Reviews

“It could change forever the way you look at Shakespeare.” Wiltshire Gazette and Herald “It mines the texts for thoughtful, funny, and in the end deeply touching reflections” Rural Arts Touring

★★★★☆  Michael Hasted

Stage Talk Magazine Review – June 2013
FINDING THE WILL take well-known characters from Shakespeare and move them to a time frame outside of the play and let them tell their own story. It’s a very clever idea and it tickled me. I love clever but it should not be taken as an end in itself. It is merely a way of presenting and telling your story. And this is what Finding the Will do. The company is currently presenting two of its pieces – in the form of monologues – at the Everyman Studio in Cheltenham. Under the canopy of Bard Heads, Dog, Book & Scandal is the story of Friar Laurence from Romeo & Juliet after he has been banished from Verona. It’s a compelling and moving story beautifully written and performed by Richard CurnowJules Hobbs’ portrayal of Miranda from The Tempest, thirty-five years on, was a tour de force performance, again beautifully written by the performer. I really enjoyed Bard Heads. It was entertaining, amusing and thought provoking. And, of course, very clever – not least in as much as it provides Finding the Will with an endless source of material. I wonder whatever happened to that Rosalind……

 Michael Wilkinson

Gloucester Citizen Review – June 2013
Thought you knew the characters from some of Shakespeare’s most famous works? Think again. Finding The Will bring the delightful Bard Heads to the fore. They are the stories you haven’t heard before. What happened to the characters when the play ends? An evening with the Bard Heads comes in two parts, one man and one woman monologues. Dog, Book and Scandal, written and performed by Richard Curnow, imagines how Friar Lawrence questions his faith and rebuilds his life after the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence faces criticism over star-crossed lovers’ fiasco. The Queen’s Speech, written and performed by Jules Hobbs, follows the fortunes of Miranda, daughter of Prospero, thirty five years after The Tempest. The pair met in 1990 during a three month run at the English Speaking Theatre, in Hamburg, and it is clear from their performance that they have a long history of work together. This is a finely honed piece, its two parts complementing each other perfectly. Curnow’s Friar Lawrence is probing and thoughtful and lovers of Shakespeare can revel in the complexity of his work. Those that don’t know Romeo & Juliet may struggle to appreciate the finer detail of the piece. Hobbs’s Miranda is simply brilliant. Here we have an hilarious, yet moving portrayal of a woman under house arrest who pores over the life she has led. Hobbs’ writing is as witty and clever as her delivery of it. It comes full circle beautifully. If these pieces don’t become BBC Radio 4 afternoon plays there is something wrong with the world. The Bard Heads may have finished their run at the Everyman, but remember the name. They have ambitions of launching themselves upon the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Then there will be no stopping them.

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