Don’t be silly! Surely children can’t really teach adults anything….can they?  Apart from showing us how to use digital media that is; oh yes and helping us work our mobile phones; oh and sorting out all our technology problems with laptops and PCs: oh alright then, introducing us to bands we’ve never heard of and now quite like. And of course sometimes they remind us that the smallest gesture can make a huge difference………. And in this mad world we seem to be living in at the moment that is one lesson we could all do with.  Below is a great example taken from posts from Facebook and Twitter (special thanks to Kirsty Liddiard for allowing us to share her post). The video went viral and I’m not surprised………..

*The amount of views and shares this has got is amazing so it is only fair that I tell you all which school this is for those who do not already know, this is Baydon St Nicholas C of E Primary School and this fantastic group of boys are members of Year 6.  This is why I love working with children.”

“This is what friendship is all about. Well done Baydon St Nicholas CofE Primary. I am very proud to work with you!
 What do you think? Good eh?  Now FINDING THE WILL has not had the pleasure of working with Baydon School (even though it’s just up the road in Wiltshire) but this video screamed out at us because ‘Teamwork’ is one of our highest values. When we say to children  “Tell me what is good about working as a team?” we hear words like ‘helping each other‘, ‘sharing’, ‘solving problems together’, ‘learning from each other’ – all great words and fabulous that children can articulate their thoughts but, in the end, it’s actions that count.  These Year 6 children doubtless knew all those words, they probably had assemblies on ‘Teamwork’ and discussions in class about being supportive and kind but even so, I’m guessing they had no idea how huge the impact of letting their classmate win the race would be. Though clearly I can’t measure that impact I imagine that it is massive, not only on the winner, the competitors and the spectators but also on the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have watched this video. Thank you boys for reminding us grown ups what inclusivity, friendship and generosity of spirit really means. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!  
In other news FINDING THE WILL has new business cards!
business cards
All seven of our new team of Associate Practitioners have taken delivery of these and will be distributing them at will over the next school year.  Talking of which, time to introduce you to another new team member.  This is Claudia Hope:
Claudia Hope

Welcome to the team Claudia Hope!


Claudia has a Masters in Applied Theatre (Distinction) from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and a City and Guilds teaching qualification. She began working as a professional actor in 1995. She has many years experience as a practitioner in educational and community contexts, including work with Old Vic New Voices, Shakespeare Schools Festival, Little Fish Theatre Company and Discover Children’s Story Centre.
We hope that Claudia will be appearing in a school near you very soon!
In the meantime carry on enjoying this very British summer – have any of you got tomatoes ripening incidentally?  Mine are nowhere near – and we’ll be in touch with you all again soon. Must go and cut the grass before it rains……..

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