The cream of Cornwall was out in force on Saturday 22 July for a gala performance of ‘Bard Heads’ on the terrace of Trebah House in Trebah Gardens, Falmouth. Stand by for some stunning pictures!

Poster for Trebah Gardens, Bard Heads.

Trebah Gardens, Falmouth

A glass of fizz on arrival and an unusually (for this summer it seems) dry evening ensured a fun night was had by all. And talking of the cream of Cornwall, how about this for a backdrop? Who needs a stage set!

View from the terrace, Trebah Gardens

Backdrop for Bard Heads

Trebah Gardens, Our Backdrop!

Trebah Gardens, Our Backdrop!

Outdoor theatre has its perils (rain, strong breezes, mosquitoes, rogue seagulls) but boy, does it have some perks as well! These pictures speak for themselves don’t you think?

If you’re not familiar with our show ‘Bard Heads’ it is a collection of six monodramas, each one inspired by a character from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Every venue we play chooses two shows (each one lasts 50 minutes, so two make up one evening’s entertainment) and, because we are the writers, we’ve ensured each show is comprehendible whether or not you know the original text. So, for our special night at Trebah, the selected two shows were ‘Call Me Oz’ (Osric from Hamlet) and ‘The Queen’s Speech’ (Miranda from The Tempest).

Call Me Oz

Richard Curnow as Osric in ‘Call Me Oz’


In ‘Call Me Oz’, constipated Osric has not spoken about Hamlet and the Elsinore massacre for over 45 years, but after a devastating session with his therapist, he is compelled to reveal all in a series of exclusive media interviews. All this, combined with several visits from a seemingly over-enthusiastic window cleaner, make for a funny, moving and ultimately joyous 50 minutes.

“Very clever and I really enjoyed it – a hit, a very palpable hit.”  

★★★★☆   Stage Talk Magazine    Michael Hasted  

The Queen's Speech

Jules Hobbs as Miranda in ‘The Queen’s Speech’


Thirty five years after leaving Prospero’s island at the end of ‘The Tempest’, Queen Miranda of Naples is about to make her Silver Jubilee Queen’s Speech. However all is not as it seems, not least as she is longing to return to her childhood island for sun, sea, sand and more……Poignant and funny in turns, this is another 50 minutes of intrigue.

“a tour de force performance, again beautifully written by the performer.”  

★★★★☆    Stage Talk Magazine Michael Hasted



We all know you can’t get enough of Cornish Cream, so not content with one night of Osric and Miranda, we moved on to Penlee Open Air Theatre, Penzance. Now here things were slightly different. Firstly we had a natural raised stage on which to work in a ‘purpose built’ (developed) open air theatre. One of the regular audience members here is Jonathan the Seagull, aka Frank, Sid and many other choice names! He strutted on stage at the most inopportune moments, egged on no doubt by his mates squawking high in the sky above. If you’ve never been heckled by a flock of seagulls before, you’ve not experienced live open air theatre!

Penlee Open Air Theatre

Penlee Open Air Theatre set for ‘The Third Witch From The Left’


Jules Hobbs as Meg The Third Witch From The Left

Jules Hobbs as Meg The Third Witch From The Left

And whilst Oz made a second appearance, Miranda went back in her box! Instead, out came Meg the Witch – you know…..Meg the Witch! Oh alright, one of the lesser known witches in Macbeth (and like Oz, very popular this year!). Meg was the third trainee witch from the left back in 1606 and heard all the cryptic messages given to Macbeth and Banquo on the heath. Now she is a cookery writer and astrologer, but she can’t get that night on the Scottish heath out of her head.

“No need to be a Shakespeare fan! Quality acting! Spellbound by the performances”  (Arnside Village Hall, Cumbria)

Call Me Oz

Richard Curnow as Oz in Call Me Oz

So if you’ve been wondering where we’ve been all through the summer, this accounts for one weekend at least. Meg and Oz will be making appearances in September and October in Ramsbury (Wiltshire) and Exeter. More of that, much more, in the coming weeks, especially as Ramsbury is a special one – a fundraising night for the Brighter Futures Radiotherapy Appeal, Great Western Hospital, Swindon. That’s a whole story in itself for next time. Meanwhile I must go and prepare supper for some special nocturnal guests…… this really is open air entertainment! Talk again soon!

Table for two at the Hedgehog Cafe

Table for two at the Hedgehog Cafe


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