Dèja vu? Play it again Sam? Once more with feeling? We’re back in Lockdown and seemingly back to where we were last Spring. True, there is a little more hope this time, with vaccines coming on stream but it’s still not easy is it?

Deja vu - Free Teacher packs for Shakespeare plays available again.
FINDING THE WILL Shakespeare Resource

Free Shakespeare Teaching Resource (dèja vu!)

Just as we did in Lockdown 1, we are making our six Teachers’ Packs freely available for all Teachers, Home Educators and students who might find them useful. There is a pack for MACBETH, THE TEMPEST, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, ROMEO & JULIET, HAMLET and TWELFTH NIGHT. Each pack contains a summary of the play, a list of main characters, useful speeches and phrases, and suggestions for games and exercises both written and drama-based. Fun for all the family I promise you! If you’d like one please email jules@findingthewill.com

Lockdown theatre in your lounge (dèja vu!)

And once again, just as we did in Lockdown 1 (getting dèja vu again) we are live-streaming our six shows Beard Heads - finding the will However this time, instead of doing them over six months, we’re performing them over six weeks! Every Thursday night from this Thursday (14th Jan) Richard and I will be performing live in your lounge at 7.30pm – 50 minutes of laughter, tears, observation and basically Shakespeare as you’ve never seen or heard him before.

We’ve teamed up with to bring you Theatre via Zoom – follow the link, for the full schedule and to book your space, after which you’ll be sent a link to be admitted to our virtual auditorium around 7.20pm on whatever Thursday evening(s) you choose. On Thursday 25 February we’ll be doing a special Q&A, post shows discussion event at 7.30pm so you can quiz us as writers, actors and producers and hear what exciting plans we have for the future. Please do join us (again) on Chapter 2 of our digital journey – we’re entertaining and educational so, if you or someone you know is studying any of the six plays mentioned above, BARD HEADS might be just the thing to get you fired up about the play!

Let’s dance!

Talking of dèja vu, five years ago I wrote a blog about David Bowie – a modern day Shakespeare. It was one of the first blogs I ever wrote and still relevant today. It was written in response to an outpouring of love for a man who had seemingly provided a backdrop (often a soundtrack) to everyone’s life. Someone who had always been there, whether or not you liked him, understood him, revered him or loathed him. You can see where I was going with that!

So in the spirit of Bowie, when it’s freezing cold outside and you’re scared to go out anyway in case you catch the dreaded virus, give the loved ones you live with a hug and then Let’s Dance!

Stay safe and I’ll talk to you again next month!


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