Bard Heads Brighter Futures Flyer

Flyer for Bard Heads and Brighter Futures

Quick update on the Brighter Futures Fundraising Performance by FINDING THE WILL at the end of September – we have fantastic news!  All ticket sales (online, cash and cheque), bar takings, raffle, collection buckets, donations pre and post performance have all been totalled and, as of yesterday, the total stands at a staggering……..(drum roll)…………. £3265!  This is amazing news not just for the Brighter Futures Radiotherapy Appeal but also for the generous spirit of humankind! In what is, in anyone’s book, a pretty grim old world right now, how refreshing to hear of such generosity of spirit in response to an appeal for money to help make life easier for thousands of people in the future.  As you might recall from the previous blog, FINDING THE WILL became involved because of personal circumstances, namely my Dad………..

Bard Heads Programme

From the point of view of FINDING THE WILL it was brilliant to be part of such a memorable evening and something that clearly meant so much to everyone involved with organising the event. So, in true Oscar style, there are many people we need to thank………..

  • My very dear friend, co-founder of FINDING THE WILL, co-director, fellow performer and writer and all round good egg – Richard Curnow (huge round of applause).
  • My brilliant partner (and occasional FINDING THE WILL practitioner), production manager and all round supporter extraordinaire – Richard Bardsley (huge round of applause).
  • My amazing Dad and Mum who came up with the idea of a Fundraising Performance of Bard Heads in the first place – Dave and Sheila Hobbs (huge round of applause)
  • My wonderful sister, nephew and niece who travelled from Yorkshire on the night to sell tickets, programmes and generally support everyone – Gina Hobbs, Chris Golley and Natasha Golley (huge round of applause – stick with me)
  • The Brighter Futures Radiotherapy Appeal team, all of whom have got behind us from the very start, particularly Head of Fundraising Catherine Newman (huge round of applause – nearly there)
  • A host of other people and businesses who gave their time and expertise on the night and prior to the event assisting with technical requirements, erecting the stage and printing the programme – there are very many of you but I particularly want to mention Steve Alder, Bob Talmage and Graham Fry (huge round of applause – I know you’re waning but only one more)
  • And finally everyone who has so generously donated whether it was by attending the show itself or simply by donating online (and you still can!) 



So there we have it – £3265 closer to the £1.1 million still needed to reach the £2.9 million target.

And to end, this from the Patron of Brighter Futures, Rory Bremner:

Dear Jules

Thank you so much for sending me the info about Finding The Will. I’m so sorry I won’t be able to make it to the performance- it sounds great!- but wish you all the best. 

And in particular, thanks for what you’re doing for Brighter Futures. It’s hard to raise all the money that’s needed. but we’re getting there slowly and it’s good to see that work is already proceeding on the site.

That can’t happen without all the fundraising and initiatives like yours. Good luck and thank you!

Best wishes


Speak again soon!


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