In this golden summer of inspirational triumphs, why not find new ways to help children you know get inspired in the classroom?

The Tempest Workshop Year 1 Pinchbeck, Lincs


Hamlet, Year 6, Montagu Academy, Mexborough, Yorkshire (Looking forward to returning next month to do A Midsummer Night's Dream).

Hamlet, Year 6, Montagu Academy, Mexborough, Yorkshire (Looking forward to returning next month to do A Midsummer Night’s Dream).


Hamlet, Year 3, Heritage Park, Peterborough

Hamlet, Year 3, Heritage Park, Peterborough

In this instance we’re not talking sporting prowess. We’re talking artistry, performance, confidence-building and getting inspired to learn.  A FINDING THE WILL experience is guaranteed to inspire children.  Some are inspired to engage with follow up work in class; some are inspired to go to the library to take out another Shakespeare story, some are even inspired to believe in themselves as they discover a talent they never knew they had. It’s true we would say that wouldn’t we? But it’s also true we have proof!

“The legacy has continued, in that all the Shakespeare books are permanently out of the library….”

Nursteed evaluation p2

Romeo & Juliet, Nursteed Community Primary, Wiltshire

Our Shakespeare Project Weeks promote teamwork and, although we don’t award medals, always produce at least one surprise gold medallist. More importantly the week instils pride, self-worth and an incredible sense of achievement, but don’t take our word for it.  Read what the teachers at Bayards Hill School in Oxford thought (just click on the link below):

Bayards Hill Evaluation 2016

So if you would like the children you know to #getinspired this term, then think out of the box, talk to us at FINDING THE WILL and come and join TeamFTW! 

Time to introduce another new FTW Associate Practitioner – this is David Rubin:

David headshot

David joined the RSC in 2006 and is currently an RSC Associate Practitioner, running Shakespeare workshops for all age groups. For many years early in his career David was a children’s television presenter [Playdays, Number 73, Watch, BBC Education] before working extensively at the RSC, NT, West End and on many popular TV dramas.

David is also hugely experienced working with older students in KS3 & 4 so if you know students in Yrs 7-13 who would also like to be inspired then once again do give us a shout!

We are gearing up for the autumn term now, making the most of the last rays of summer sunshine and hoping against hope that the tomatoes will ripen and the golden beetroot will live up to expectation. Look forward to speaking to you all again soon but, in the meantime, don’t wait another four years to #getinspired, be brave, drop us a line and see how William Shakespeare can enhance your children’s lives!



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