Happy 400th Anniversary Shakespeare!

Happy New Year to all our stakeholders whether you are teachers, children, rural touring promoters, small-scale theatre directors, audience members, writers or simply general fans of FINDING THE WILL. We hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year break – all that food and socialising though, it’s hard work isn’t it? Here at FINDING THE WILL HQ we are quite glad to be getting back to work for a rest! And what a year it should be given that it is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. There are bound to be lots of Shakespeare related activities and productions going on and, as ever, we’ll be in the melting pot with the best of them!
We are kicking off the new year with a ‘Macbeth’ workshop for Year 6 in Frindsbury, Kent, followed by a ‘Tempest’ workshop for Year 6 in All Cannings, Wiltshire and then a ‘Macbeth’ week in Oxford at a new primary school to us – Bayards Hill Primary School. This is particularly exciting because although the Head Teacher here is already an FTW convert, (we are regular visitors to her previous school in Coventry -St Bartholomew’s, we’ll see you in early February!), the children and staff have not yet had the FTW treatment! We’re looking forward to sharing the magic with a new school. And as if all that wasn’t enough to keep us going in January,
Finding The Will – Shakespeare Workshops

Who knows what the new year will bring?

Bard Heads

The Whirligig Of Time - Bard Heads - Shakespeare - Finding The Will
We will be performing two shows from our ‘Bard Heads’ collection at St Bart’s Theatre, Reading on 30 January. Working in collaboration with St Bart’s Theatre we will be performing all six shows over the course of the next six months, plus running workshops for primary schools and writers as part of the Reading Year of Culture. More details on these last activities as and when we have them!

The-Third-Witch-From-The-Left - Shakespeare - Finding The Will - Bard Heads
That’s it for now, time to crack on with the admin! Teachers’ Packs and confirmation letters flying out the door and annual Artist Registration forms to Rural Touring Schemes agogo. Time for a cup of tea methinks then hit the road for Kent.
Speak soon!


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