Hello Autumn my old Friend, I’ve come to talk with you again…..

Autumn 2023

Well, here we are at the beginning (actually almost in the middle) of the Autumn Term and I’ve only just realised that we’ve not spoken since the end of the Summer term. How remiss of me! How are you all?

It’s been a funny old start to the new academic year. We’re all still battling with the cost of living, the after effects and long-term effects of the pandemic, and appalling atrocities happening the world over. For FINDING THE WILL, work in the Autumn Term is usually intermittent as everyone gets to grips with finding their feet in a new school year and getting to know new classes and teachers. By the time we’re all settled, we’re in to Halloween and Christmas! Oh sorry, too early to mention the C word?

Delighted to say though that, as well as preparations for the Spring and Summer terms, we are heading back to a lovely school in Hornchurch in a couple of weeks. When I say ‘we’, I mean Ange and me. We were there last November, on my birthday as it happens, and it turned out to be a most enjoyable birthday morning with Year 6. The feedback we received was a terrific birthday present too!

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Hornchurch

In fact this will be our third visit to St Mary’s and we can’t wait!

In other news……

As mentioned above, preparations are afoot for THE TEMPEST (project week) in Essex in January – back to Great Leighs Primary for the 6th time; another MACBETH Interactive Workshop Day in a new school to us, Langtons Academy, Hornchurch (again!) in January, MACBETH interactive workshops in St Michael’s Primary, Chelmsford (3rd visit) in March and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (project week) at Barkston & Syston Primary, near Grantham in June – our second visit here. So, the East of England is topping the geographical poll at the moment!

Autumn Performances

The co-founder, and inspiration for FINDING THE WILL, Richard will be performing CALL ME OZ at The Bridge House Theatre, London in November. This is a moving and funny piece of theatre, beautifully and brilliantly performed by Richard (who also wrote it). He’s had great reviews in Edinburgh and Edmonton, Canada, so if you are in London on 5/6 November (yes, I know it’s a school night), do pop along!

Back before Christmas!

I’ll be back with you to tell you more about the new year and what we have planned for the spring and summer at the end of November or early December. Until then, stay warm and safe.

Oh, and if anyone has a wonderful image for this year’s FINDING THE WILL Christmas card, get it to us quickly! jules@findingthewill.com

Happy Autumn!


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