2nd Wave (but not drowning)

2nd Wave (but not drowning)

Crest of a 2nd wave? Not yet I fear. Are we drowning? Not yet I hope! However it’s fair to say that staying afloat is proving a challenge for many people and businesses. I know that we, at FINDING THE WILL, are not alone in this. Just in our industry, there are...

Ealing – What A Feeling!

Last week in Ealing – what a week we had! As you can see from the enticing poster above, last week FINDING THE WILL had the privilege to work with 88 young actors in Year 4 at Montpelier Primary School, Ealing. This is a lovely school with a cracking team of...

Cry Me A River Coventry!

Year 4 Romeo listens to ‘Cry Me A River’ on his iPod. He might be crying for Rosaline (at this point in the play) but the audience at St Bartholomew’s Academy, Coventry on Friday afternoon was left crying a river of pride! Last week FINDING THE WILL...

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