When asking for a three word review, you can’t get much better than ‘Absolutely Bloody Brilliant’! Apologies if the language offends and, more importantly, if that sounds a bit like trumpet blowing on our part but the good folk of Banbury made us very happy last week!

Naming The Will

A three word review seems to be the way forward in the hectic lifestyle of the 21st Century. It’s short, pithy, quick to write and easy to digest. In the case of a play, a three word review on a feedback form can also highlight a common feeling or response. And this, in turn, can inform the marketing……….maybe! Bear with me, if I’m honest I’m speaking my thoughts out loud as I try to plan a Marketing Strategy for ‘Naming The View‘ going forward…….’going forward’, do you hate that phrase as much as I do? I’m rapidly reaching the conclusion that I need to be genning up on words and phrases that speak to elements of the population that I might not, in my normal language, be fully conversant with. So……..ooh that’s another one, starting a sentence with ‘So’ (but people do, therefore I’m trying it)…….’Naming The View‘ is about coercive control, economic and domestic abuse without the physical scars, but it’s not all doom and gloom. There is hope, optimism, humour and fun contained within it too. It’s a play that gets you thinking and talking – the question is how to ‘sell’ that. What words or phrases do I need to use in order to excite people as much as they seem to be after watching it!

naming the view

Kate and Horton – Naming The View

Admittedly a play with a theme of coercive control (however ‘on trend’ that might be) may not immediately fill you with excitement, so what three words would intrigue you enough to buy a ticket? Looking at the Three Word Reviews we’ve got so far, there seems to be a consensus that the play is “Thought-Provoking”, indeed 28% used those very words. 24% said it was “Poignant, Moving”, 20% said it was “Powerful”, 18% said “Relevant, topical, current” and 16% said it was “Witty, Funny, Entertaining, Humorous”. The question is does ‘Thought-Provoking, Poignant, Powerful Drama’ get your juices flowing? What words do people need to hear in order to persuade them to programme the show in their theatre or village hall? And what words make people rush out and buy a ticket? Maybe it is simply “Absolutely bloody brilliant!” Then again is it words at all? Maybe it’s the accompanying images……I’m beginning to meet myself coming backwards here. Stick with me whilst I re-group.

Walking on Eggshells #coercivecontrol Naming The View

Walking on Eggshells #coercivecontrol Naming The View

naming the view

“It’s wonderful, like being reborn” Kate, Naming The View

naming the view

“I mean what are they thinking?” Horton, Naming The View

So my conclusion so far is that there is no easy way of selling new writing, with a theme of coercive control and Shakespeare, performed by two mature (if unknown) actors. Therefore, dear Reader, I am reaching out to you, work with me here, interact with me (jules@findingthewill.com), send me your suggestions, let me know what would perk your interest, what would prompt you to book the play, buy a ticket or simply share information on social media. I am convinced this play ‘has legs’ and I’m determined to get it seen, not least because it is a beautiful script and I am hugely proud of the work.

In other news, there was many a three word review for my performance of ‘The Third Witch From The Left‘ at the Swindon Fringe Festival last week too. This ranged from “Funny, touching, fun” to “Just So Good” – I’ll take that!

Meg - The Third Witch From The Left

Meg – The Third Witch From The Left

Same problem though – getting an audience in to see new writing performed by an ‘unknown’. A director of a theatre I was speaking with only this afternoon suggested that Netflix et al might have something to do with live drama being killed off, that and the cuts in arts education (don’t get me started on that) means we are all at a loss as to where our audiences of the future will come from.

Oh dear, bit of a grim one this month, sorry about that. Next month I’ll be writing to you about Romeo & Juliet in Ealing with Year 4 and the northern tour of Naming The View – touring to Village Halls in Northumbria, Cumbria and Co Durham with Highlights Rural Touring. More three word reviews on the way then – meanwhile I’m waiting with bated breath for all your incredible insightful comments – GO!!



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